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Welcome! My name is Cassy Vollmar. My husband, Ben and I have the two sweetest kids, Oliver James and Laney Ruth. We live in the small college town of Bowling Green, OH, where we own the coffee shop, Flatlands Coffee. Design has been a passion of mine for a long time, but a dream I left behind in college and then rediscovered during the design process of Flatlands.

After designing Flatlands, I started to hear of people traveling from all over to experience the space (and the amazing coffee obviously!). Soon, I started doing more and more design projects on the side for family and friends, until I decided that it was time to jump in and open my own design firm.

My design style is clean and minimal. I love working with elements like wood, stone and plants to bring dimension into a space. If you would enjoy this clean, refreshing style in your own space, please contact me and we’ll get started!